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The world of marketing has changed vastly since the years of ‘Mad Men’ inspired campaigns and limited avenues to reach your audience.

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Social Media
Social Media

The world of marketing has changed vastly since the years of ‘Mad Men’ inspired campaigns and limited avenues to reach your audience. Now there are unlimited opportunities to get your brand out there, and your campaigns can utilize a vast array of tools and media that are available.

At its roots, marketing still has the same goal as it always has, to create recognition and ultimately create profits. Yet, the way the marketing game is played has completely changed in the internet era, and it is important to understand what works. To reach your target market there are a number of essential points of focus.

Social Media is Essential

Since the inception of Facebook way back in 2004 the way that people communicate and gather information has completely changed. Social media has quickly become the go-to platform for people of all ages to socialize, get news, play games, and everything in between. Marketers must take advantage of the social media landscape to reach as many customers as possible.

Depending on your products or services there are going to be people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more that will be interested. You must grow your social media presence, and it is a good idea to hire someone with intimate knowledge of the platforms. Social media has millions upon millions of potential customers just waiting to see what you have to offer.

Understand Your Target Market

Something else that hasn’t really changed, in theory, is understanding the customers that you want to go after. It is a waste of resources to market towards people that would not have a need for your product or service, so do your due diligence. Market research is an absolute priority to any successful marketing campaign, and this cannot be stressed enough.

Whether you do focus groups, online polling, phone surveys, or anything in between, make sure to gather information. By being able to whittle down to a smaller segment of the population it is going to give your campaign much more efficiency and return on investment in the end.

Strengthen Existing Customers

While a new marketing campaign is mostly targeted towards bringing in new customers and attention to the brand, you can never forget about your existing customer base. Loyalty is a major thing in any industry, and you must keep your loyal customers happy. Make sure that you do offer some incentives for them, and make them feel like they are important. Positive feedback from current customers can be a major boost to your image.

Use Analytical Tools

Analytics is a major part of every business in every industry these days and the tools that are available to help keep expanding. Marketing analytics tools are extremely prevalent and varied, with many competitors in the market place. There are a lot of services offering things like lead distribution and generation, campaign analytics, marketing attribution, and ROI.

You can even acquire an email and call tracking service to ensure that you are always reaching the proper people. What type of analytics you will use is going to depend on your business, market, and direction of your campaign. Just make sure to take advantage of what is now readily available.

Take Advantage of Blogging

Blogs started as a way for people to really just put their thoughts out there for the world to see, well before social media was prevalent. Now it is difficult to find a website that doesn’t have some form of blog attached to it. These blogs can be a huge advantage in reaching your target market through social media and internet searches.

The way to get your blog pages ranked is consistently evolving, but having information that people are going to enjoy is key. Make sure to keep a consistent presence on your company blog and give people some articles that they actually get something out of. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past, so invest the time and resources into some excellent content.

Try Live Events and Fundraisers

Unfortunately, the live event has sort of taken a hiatus in the last year or so, but that doesn’t mean it will always be this way. While the majority of marketing is now done online, it is always a good idea to have a human presence involved. Events and fundraisers are a way of giving your company a face and really connecting with a local community.

One type of event, fundraisers, are an excellent way to do something for a good cause and also give your company the spotlight. A lot of potential customers are going to look at a company in a more favorable light if they are involved with the local community. So don’t forget about live events, as we will eventually be back to normal.

Stay Focused on the Changing Landscape

Just like the world itself, marketing is an ever-changing and ever-evolving entity that does not have a finite set of rules. The internet is going to become more and more ingrained in our lives, and marketers must keep up to date with major shifts and changes. What works for a marketing campaign today may not work in the near future, and you need to keep your eyes open.

In the short-term, it is going to be all about getting an online presence and having the best market research and analytics. Just keep growing your social media, blogs, and targeting the right customers, and your marketing efforts should start paying off before you know it.