Exploring The Luxurious Trend of Eating 24K – Gold Plated Foods with Ido Fishman

Every day you wake up to a new trend taking over the internet by a storm.

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Every day you wake up to a new trend taking over the internet by a storm. It could be a newly launched game that everyone’s obsessed with, a new app or product, and in this instance, it is something as bizarre as 24-carat gold-plated food. Yep, you read that right. People are actually eating gold-plated food in all sorts and forms. Whether it be chicken wings, stakes, donuts, cakes, ice-creams, burgers, you name it. It may seem unreliable but this is the apparent new food trend that has the internet going in a frenzy.

This edible gold, as culinary expert Ido Fishman explains, is a food additive which has the code E 175 and is authorized by the European Union and the U. S. While edible gold is not a new concept, it was a luxury reserved for the rich before it became known over the internet. Don’t get too excited, the price for this luxury meal has not reduced, rather it has just become well-known among the general public. Ido Fishman shares his views on the supposed benefits of eating edible gold, and the most popular dishes of this luxurious food.

Most Popular 24k Gold-Plated Foods

Desserts: Chocolates, Gelatos, & Ice-creams

Gold-plated desserts have been a part of luxury cuisines for quite a while now. Pâtissiers and chocolatiers across the world have constantly added touches of gold to enhance the appearance and the quality of their creations. Gorgeous displays of gelatos, chocolates, cakes, macarons, and other delicacies hone in the glass displays of famous bakeries. It is no doubt that gold-plated desserts add a touch of unattainable luxury to desserts that only with the deepest pockets can enjoy.

While Ido Fishman agrees with the statement of gold-plated desserts being a luxury only a few can afford, he does not agree that it has a significant impact on the taste or the texture of the desserts. People are more drawn to the taste of luxury than the gold itself.

Steaks & Burgers

Gold-plated steaks and burgers have also been extremely popular ever since the frenzy took over the internet. You will come across many mukbang videos where people eat these luxury stakes and burgers up-close to the camera. Appearance-wise, the top bun of the burger is completely coated with a thin gold layer while the top of the steak is drizzled with bits of gold flakes. The decorated and expensive steaks and burgers have also been popular food choices amongst Instagram bloggers, food critiques, and gastronomes.

Chicken Wings, Pizzas, & Salads

The enchanting champagne drizzled and gold-plated chicken wings seem to be irresistible. With a coating of 24K gold, even the greasiest fast-food options like chicken wings and pizza have become luxurious food. People are paying thousands to get a taste of these sparkle coated items. Combine fast-food and an Instagram-worthy shot, and you have a winner amongst the most popular choices of foods.

Many restaurants offer masterfully crafted salad plated with gold coatings that make a simple serving of a salad worth thousands of dollars.

Cocktails and Other Beverages

In the most exquisite bars in Dubai and other places, you will find drinks worth more than what you can imagine. Since luxury is what people desire, luxury is what the creators provide. With sprinkles of gold around the rim of the cocktail glasses or straws, you can get a taste of this trend in any form of food that you like. While these drinks did not receive as much attention during this year’s internet frenzy over gold-plated foods, it is definitely a sought after choice for many.

Benefits of Consuming Edible Gold

Ido Fishman clarifies that gold does not actually have any health benefits neither does it have any negative effects. Gold is an inactive metal so it does not oxidize with any of the chemicals present in the human body. Therefore, the most that eating 24K gold-plated food gives you is bragging rights and a taste of luxury. The edible gold that has taken popularity today is about 23-24 carats, so no noticeable benefits to the health of an individual have been noted so far. With golf being an unreactive noble metal, it is not digested or absorbed into the human body and simply passes through.

Dating back several centuries, gold was actually used in medicine for the treatment of serious diseases in Europe. Ancient Egyptians believed gold to be a really powerful substance and consumed it in the form of an elixir to become close to gods. Gold has been actively used for decorating food since the 16th century and was used to express wealth and status. This notion can still be applied to today’s society.

Ido Fishman is a culinary expert and believes that the presentation of the food plays an immense role in building a respected rapport among the elite. He has stated that it is the right of every chef to create their masterpieces of cooking as beautifully as they can to enhance its worth. And using edible gold for décor really brings out the uniqueness of the dish. Furthermore, it brings attention to the restaurant and the chef. So, it can be said that one of the most notable benefits of using edible gold for food decorations is that it brings popularity and attention to the restaurant.

The Bottom Line

Consuming gold-plated foods is by no means a new trend or a recently developed discovery. However, with how fast people on the internet a swayed by luxurious things that they were not aware of, it is being treated as a new trend. Gold has been a sign of luxury and deep-rooted wealth for years. However, one cannot deny the charm and appeal it adds to the dish. While it seemingly does not have any health benefits, it gives the consumer a feeling of eating a premium meal. So, if you are a curious individual and can afford to get a taste of such a luxurious meal, you have the top most sought-after dishes mentioned to you above.