Lapid to Netanyahu: Why are you lying about vaccine

Yesh Atid leader says PM is lying about arrival of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in January.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yaniv Danav/Knesset spokesperson

Yesh Atid-Telem chairman Yair Lapid attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over his promise that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine would arrive in January.

"The biggest damage of this government, is the loss of public trust. We will no longer believe them, because they can not be believed," Lapid said at the start of the weekly Yesh Atid faction meeting Monday.

"I would like to refer a question to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu, I just want an answer to one question - why are you not telling the truth about vaccines? Pfizer's vaccine has not passed all of its tests. It has not passed the final stage," claimed the Yesh Atid chairman.

"Even after it is ready, Israel is the 36th country to sign with them. 35 countries will receive the vaccine before us. 35 leaders called Pfizer's CEO before Netanyahu at night. There are more medical issues. There are logistical problems. It will take time.

"When you say something, the citizens of Israel want to believe it. They want a vaccine against the plague. They want to believe in their prime minister. So they will wait for the vaccine in January, and it will not come. It will not reach the vast majority of them," he said.

"The right thing is to manage the crisis as if the vaccines will not arrive at least next year. We have to continue with the masks, continue with the traffic light plan ... Open the businesses in a controlled manner. Return the schools to session. Most of the children have not been to school for eight months. Pass a budget. In particular, the public's trust in the authorities needs to be restored. Do not tell them stories," Lapid signed.