No voter fraud, says the NYT

How stupid are we supposed to be? Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

New York Times masthead
New York Times masthead

We’re supposed to believe the same crowd that gave us four years of false charges against President Trump has suddenly turned kosher.

Not just kosher, but super kosher…glatt kosher…of the kind blessed by The New York Times with the following seal of approval…

“No Evidence of Voter Fraud in Any of the 50 States.”

That, of course, is a bald-faced falsehood. Suspicious ballots…into the millions… are under review in all the contested states…PA, AZ, GA, NV, WI, MI.

Some 600,000 votes in Michigan that were marked for Trump ended up for Biden. Oh, machine malfunction. Aha. Funny how it never malfunctions in Trump’s favor.

Plus, not a single state has yet certified the vote.

But typical of the Times to know best... a paper that does try to fool all the people all the time…and too often comes too close to succeeding.

Millions buy in, often not knowing what they’re buying.

So if you voted for Biden, you may be a decent, loyal Democrat or…you may have been brainwashed. Newspapers, the Times in particular, can have that effect.

Probably your uncle, usually at Thanksgiving, won his arguments by forcefully insinuating – “It says so in the paper.” And that was that.

Can the paper ever be wrong? If it’s the Times, frequently.

The same paper saw no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hunter Biden, nor even Hillary Clinton and the 33,000 emails she unlawfully destroyed.

The same paper saw no evidence of mass starvation in Ukraine when millions died from famine under Stalin’s Five-Year Plan.

Walter Duranty, the paper’s Man in Moscow, used the power of the press to misinform and to deceive, but he was so good at it that he got himself a Pulitzer. Then the truth came out, and the Times admitted that Duranty’s reporting was disgraceful…but refuses, to this day, to revoke the Pulitzer. Lesson learned? Never.

The same paper, which could have alerted FDR and awakened the nation, instead mentioned the Holocaust while it was happening sparingly and reluctantly, which is more than journalistic malpractice, but a sin of Biblical proportions. Lives could have saved. The rails to Auschwitz could have been bombed.

Yes, books have been written about the Times’ infamy – but nothing sticks and nothing gets fixed.

People still believe what they read in the paper, if it’s the Times. For the Networks, the Times is the received word.

Sunday’s headline becomes Monday’s talking points…and the official policy of the Democrat Party.

“There is no evidence of voter fraud” for instance continues to be the chant all across the channels.

Upon Trump’s ascent four years ago, Dean Baquet gathered his staff…almost all of them fanatically Liberal…and instructed them to forget Old School Journalism. Instead, they were to focus on their “feelings.”
It is all coordinated between the Times, the media, and the Party, and It is never happenstance, not while Dean Baquet is in charge.

Outside of the president, Dean Baquet may be the most powerful man in America.

He is the most powerful Democrat in America. Runs most of it behind the scene, like a ventriloquist, as executive editor at The New York Times.

Nobody in the Party makes a move before consulting Dean Baquet. He sets the table.

Upon Trump’s ascent four years ago, Dean Baquet gathered his staff…almost all of them fanatically Liberal…and instructed them to forget Old School Journalism.

Instead, they were to focus on their “feelings.” Which is the most flagrant departure from the norms of American Journalism since Benjamin Franklin…or even Adolph Ochs.

Objectivity can be such a drag.

So it was like recess, now that they could go wild and OPINE even on the Front Pages and let it rip, how they felt about Trump and all Republican/Conservatives. Never anything good.

These days they feel that “there is no evidence of voter fraud” and so, case closed, we are to accept Joe Biden as our president, no further word needed, because?

Because it says so in the paper.

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