Weekly Torah Study: Genetics and environment

It's not only nurture, it is also nature that plays a role in choosing a bride.

Rabbi Gedalia Meyer ,

Rabbi Gedalia Meyer
Rabbi Gedalia Meyer
Reuven at Temple Inst

When Avraham sent his servant Eliezer on a mission to bring back a bride for Yitzchak from Avraham's old home town, Eliezer devised a plan to help determine the right girl for Yitzchak.

Compassion for a stranger and dedication toward the well-being of others were the qualities he was looking for. Rivkah, whom Eliezer met at the well outside of Haran, fit the bill.

But was she born into the right family? Eliezer had to do some quick thinking and some smooth talking to ensure that the righteous Rivkah would be accompanying him back to Canaan, where Yitzchak was waiting.