Likud: 'Opposition continues to split and divide'

Likud condemnation of disunity and division comes as recordings were revealed of Netanyahu calling Naftali Bennett a 'little dog'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Clashes with police at PMs house
Clashes with police at PMs house
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The Likud responded to continued demonstrations against the Prime Minister over Shabbat and in front of his official residence tonight.

"After receiving backing from most of the citizens of the State of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu brought three peace agreements, brings millions of vaccines, and maintains Israel's high credit rating, it's unfortunate that the opposition, led by Yair Lapid, continues to divide and split without a break. It's likely that the coronavirus will be vaccinated, but the question is when will a vaccine be found for the 'just not Bibi' virus," the party quipped.

Thousands of Yesh Atid-Telem operatives marched during the day against the government.

In addition, hundreds of protesters left the Hemed interchange on Route 1 marching toward Balfour Street in Jerusalem. The police repulsed them and clashes broke out at the scene. Among the marchers were also several MKs.

23 protesters were arrested during the clashes and police repulsed the protesters and cleared the road.

Former Defense Minister and Chief of Staff MK Moshe Ya'alon took part in the march on Route 1 and said, "Again the pressure and evil spirit blowing from the PMs house, apparently affect the discretion of police chiefs to not allow democratic protest and to use unnecessary violence against law-abiding citizens. This protest - no one will silence. Israel is being restored to sanity and integrity."

The Likud condemnation of disunity and division comes as recordings were revealed from state witness Nir Hefetz' personal mobile device, revealing that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in conversation about Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett, called the leader a "little dog".