All about life and death - and love and marriage

The Biblical city of Hebron: Israel’s ancient and inexorable ties to the Land of Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Our fathers, their heritage? Machpela Cave
Our fathers, their heritage? Machpela Cave

The Torah portion of Chayei Sarah features only two concepts: the death of Sarah and her burial at the ‘double cave’ in Hebron, and Eliezer’s mission to find a wife for Isaac.

Yet in this week’s edition of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, our hosts discover that a major theme emerges from the connection of these ideas – namely, the true meaning of a life well lived.

Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman share some fascinating ideas about this Torah portion and its lessons on life and death, love and marriage, and above all, the legacy bequeathed to us by Abraham and Sarah for all generations – our responsibility to change the world.