Family Research Council: 'Election far from decided'

Tony Perkins: 'Data anomalies plus coverups equal a bunch of unanswered questions.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Absentee ballot
Absentee ballot

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins says despite what the media says, "the 2020 presidential election is far from decided."

The former reporter and police officer, who now is a Southern Baptist pastor and United States Commission on International Religious Freedom member says, "according to the preliminary vote counts, Joe Biden is leading slightly in several states that are the key to the Electoral College.

"If the vote counts are correct, then Joe Biden will become president in January. But are they?" Perkins asks. "Some data anomalies suggest we need to take a closer look. Last night on Washington Watch, I interviewed Dr. William 'Matt' Briggs, a fellow at the Heartland Institute, former statistics professor at Cornell University, and author of Uncertainty: The Soul of Modeling, Probability, and Statistics.

"Dr. Briggs said statistical information can help the Trump legal team's court challenges by identifying possible instances of fraud."

He said: "If something smells funny, then we should 'follow the science' and dig a little deeper. That's what President Trump and his legal team are doing. And they have the legal right to do it. As Americans, we have a right to verify."

Briggs concludes: "The only real threat to democracy here is the alarming (but predictable) hostility towards openness and transparency among the self-proclaimed defenders of openness and transparency. Ignore the media's cries to 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.' Let's have a fair count and then award the White House to whoever really won."