Watch: Hikind spoofs Cuomo's handling of pandemic in new 'book'

Former New York Assemblyman publishes new book spoofing Gov. Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic...but what's in it?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hikind reading his new "book"
Hikind reading his new "book"

Former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind is publishing a new book spoofing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Proceeds from the sale of Hikind’s $19.99 book will go to his group Americans against Anti-Semitism.

The book is intended to be a counterpoint to Cuomo’s recently published book discussing his response to the pandemic. Its cover shows a mock “King Cuomo” holding a crown on his head and sitting on his throne with the book headline: LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP: KING COVIDIUS CUOMO.

Inside the cover, however, are hundreds of blank white pages.

Hikind has been critical of Cuomo’s singling out haredi Jews for failing to abide by safety protocols and of helping spread COVID-19 in several hotspots in New York.

Cuomo recently blamed large gatherings in the hasidic community for the spread of COVID-19, highlighting selichot prayers in Satmar-Kiryas Joel and event in Chabad-Crown Heights as examples of "social distancing violations".

“Lessons in Leadership is a real page turner and is filled to the brim with real-world knowledge guaranteed to change your life just the way King Covidius Cuomo has changed the lives of every subject in his realm,” the intro to Hikind’s new publication jabs.

Hikind on Wednesday published a short video of himself lying on his couch, pretending to read the book. About halfway through the viewer sees him looking at blank pages.

“When I grow up I just want to be like King Cuomo,” Hikind says. “It takes real leadership to send corona patients to nursing homes. Blaming others for your failure.”

“Wow. I finished the book in no time and so can you! This book is available for $19.99. An instant classic!” he adds.

Cuomo’s office had no immediate comment on Wednesday.