New outline for schools to be approved soon

Most grades to resume on-site learning except grades 7-10, due to inter-ministerial dispute.

Talya Eitan ,

Back to school, with masks
Back to school, with masks

On Wednesday morning, the Education Ministry published its outline for the resumption of studies in schools, as drawn up by a team headed by Education Minister Yoav Galant and to be presented to the government’s coronavirus cabinet for approval.

According to the outline, first and second grades will learn in undivided classes, five days a week, for five hours per day.

Third and fourth grades will continue to learn as they are currently doing, in groups that have no contact with one another of up to 20 students per group, five days per week and five hours per day.

Grades five and six will also be divided into groups of up to 20 students each and will learn at least three days per week in school, for at least 14 hours per week.

Eleventh and twelfth grades will be permitted to resume learning two days a week, in groups of up to 20 students each. In addition, up to two groups may transfer students between them. Teachers will be permitted to teach up to four separate groups.

Regarding grades seven to ten inclusive, the Health and Education Ministries have yet to reach an agreement on the correct format for their return to school and so for the time being, they will continue to be taught via distance learning only.

As regards after-school programs, it was agreed that children from first and second grades will remain within their class groupings i.e. classes will not be combined during the afternoon hours, even if this means that the groups are much smaller than usual.

School transportation will continue to operate as it has been until now, during the coronavirus period.

The Education Ministry also issued an advisory for teachers, stating: “It is advisable to set aside several areas within school buildings for teachers, in order to avoid overcrowding in the regular teachers’ lounge.”