Israeli physicians, scientists send The Guardian protest letter

Dr. Uri Gavish tells Arutz Sheva UK paper attempts 'smear-by-association, using deceptive title' to report doctor criticizing lockdown.

Mordechai Sones ,

Typing scientist
Typing scientist

A group of Israeli physicians and scientists wrote a letter of protest to The Guardian after the newspaper claimed advocates of the Barrington Declaration appeared on a radio show that featured Holocaust deniers.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard medical school appeared on the Richie Allen Show on October 6th to discuss the declaration. In an article titled Anti-lockdown advocate appears on radio show that has featured Holocaust deniers, the two Guardian journalists, Niamh McIntyre and Pamela Duncan, admit that Kulldorff has nothing to do with anti-Semitic views, but Dr. Uri Gavish told Arutz Sheva that "they still try to pull a smear-by-association, using a deceptive title."

Dr. Gavish continues: "So we wrote a letter to the Guardian editors, protesting this smear."

The letter reads: "Recently, Prof. Martin Kulldorff from Harvard University co-authored The Great Barrington Declaration, which offers the most humane, compassionate and practical approach to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the global crisis that immoral as impractical responses of many governments around the world, dragged the world into.

"As happened to many other scientists who stood against the prevalent dogma that brought this crisis upon us, and is deepening it day by day, such as Nobel laureate Prof. Michael Levitt and Stanford Professor John Ioannidis, Prof. Kulldorff is now being targeted by a smear attempt based solely on the fact that he gave an interview about the pandemic to an obscure radio station, which also happened to host anti-Semitic interviewees.

"We, Jewish Israeli medical researchers, doctors and scientists, some of us, second and third generation to Holocaust survivors, are astonished and appalled by this smear attempt, amplified by your newspaper, which degrade, harm and abuse the important fight against anti-Semitism, by weaponizing it and directing it at our distinguished colleague, Professor Kulldorff.

"It is shameful that The Guardian participates in this plot to disgrace Prof. Kulldorff."

The letter was signed by Dr. Uri Gavish, PhD, Prof. Shoshy Altuvia, Ph.D., Prof. Asher Elhayany MD MPA, Prof. Motti Gerlic, PhD, Prof Yuval Heled, PhD, Prof. Ariel Munitz, PhD, Prof. Udi Qimron, PhD, Prof. Ohad Perry, PhD, Dr Ifat Abadi-Korek, Ph.D. MBA, Dr. Yitshal Berner, MD MPH Dr. Tomer Cooks, PhD, Dr. Eli David, PhD, Dr. Sarit Harpaz, MD, Dr. Rotem Lapidot, MD MSCI, Dr. Ilan Makover MD, Dr. Sorin Schapira MD, MBA, Dr. Aviv Segev, MD, Dr. Amir Shahar, MD MPH, Dr. Yuval Turm, MD MBA, Dr. Lital Yinon, PhD, and Dr. Ido Yosef, PhD.

The Guardian did not immediately respond to the letter.