Ambassador: We want to cooperate with Serbia on a variety of issues

Newly appointed Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Yahel Vilan welcomes Serbian decision to relocate embassy to Jerusalem.

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Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia

Newly appointed Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Yahel Vilan spoke to Diplomacy&Commerce magazine about what he hopes to accomplish following the announcement that the Serbian embassy in Israel would be relocated to Jerusalem.

Vilan called on Israel and Serbia to work together on a variety of issues. "What we would like to see in the future are concrete joint ventures, joint projects, and business deals between the two communities.

"Of course, we warmly welcome Serbia’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem by July next year," he added,

Vilan stated that Israel could provide Serbia with support and expertise in combating the coronavirus, as well as the strengthening of economic and trade relations between the two nations.

Serbia agreed to move its embassy to Jerusalem as part of the agreement with Kosovo that was brokered by the United States in September.