Jews and Israel under a Biden administration

How would the new government affect the Iranian threat and the new peace deals with Arab Gulf states?

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Netanyahu and Biden (archive)
Netanyahu and Biden (archive)
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If indeed Joe Biden becomes president of the United States, how would this affect Jews and Israel? How would this affect the Iranian threat, the new peace deals with Arab Gulf states, and Israel’s own security and building in its homeland?

Then there’s China, and the "progressive" people behind Biden. Some American Jews and Israelis have their knees quivering on what might be with Biden as president. Others say it won’t be so bad, and that Biden is actually a Zionist at heart. Though he may roll back the Iran deal, it won’t necessarily be the same as it was under Obama.

So, can Trump voters be optimistic?

With guests Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, an educator and political commentator and Aaron Braunstein, a former U.S. Foreign Service Officer and today head of the Jewish Covenant Alliance.