Netanyahu gets haircut: 'Let's go strengthen small business.'

PM photographed getting haircut in Givatayim: 'Don't leave any edges.'

Mordechai Sones ,

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נתניהו אצל הספר
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today arrived to get a haircut in Givatayim, and once again called on the public to obey Health Ministry orders: face masks, physical distancing, and refraining from holding large gatherings.

Netanyahu posted a picture of the barbershop on Twitter and tweeted, "Let's keep the rules together and go strengthen small businesses! Today at the barber Meron Mizrahi in Givatayim. Because after all, during corona you can't leave untrimmed edges..."

He later posted another tweet in which he explained why he went to get a haircut in Givatayim: "For the sake of propriety, I used to get a haircut for years at a Jerusalem barber that I highly appreciate and due to security constraints I cannot be photographed at his barbershop."

Earlier today, the Prime Minister attended the inauguration of the new COVID-19 laboratory set up at Ben Gurion Airport.

However, the Prime Minister noted, "We've moved from the first stage to the second stage in the lockdown exit plan, but morbidity is starting to rise and if there's no improvement in the indices, we won't enter the third stage."

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said during the tour, "I thank Omega and Rambam Hospital, who set up a testing laboratory here within a month. Our mission is that the test set here not harm the national test set for morbidity. They organized in such a way that it does not detract from the system of tests in Israel.

"Our ambition is to get to a point where the models here won't be enough to do the job. How? Stop being fools. Those who don't follow guidelines cannot be allowed to determine for us that the illness will return. We behave carefully and gradually get out of lockdown. Unfortunately, we see various violations in various sectors, like unauthorized openings and forbidden gatherings. Let's act seriously to reach a full airport, open malls, culture, sports, shops. Only together can we do all this," he added.

Minister Edelstein later said goodbye to the Deputy Director of his Ministry, Prof. Itamar Grotto: "I thank the people of the Health Ministry who worked so that the laboratory could get started quickly. And especially thanks to a man who made quite a bit of effort, Prof. Grotto, who saddened me yesterday with his announcement of the end of his term. This is an opportunity to say a big thank you for everything he has done for the health of us all."

Internal medicine and gastroenterology specialist and Hesder Yeshiva in Shaalvim graduate Dr. Shmuel Rochberger responded to the Prime Minister and Health Minister's warning of slowing the exit from lockdown: "Netanyahu has lost all shame and all moral restraint. He prefers to destroy the State of Israel and wreak an economic and human holocaust on its inhabitants and yet not hold even a single serious discussion on the alternative that hundreds of doctors and scientists support.

"This moral disgrace will cling to anyone who does not wake up to the destruction that the Prime Minister is inflicting on us."

Dr. Rochberger concluded: "I voted for Netanyahu in the last election and I am ashamed and guilty of it."