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A Guide to the Different Types of Business Signage

Do you want to do more than using pamphlets and business cards to advertise your business?

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3 languages on road signs
3 languages on road signs
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Do you want to do more than using pamphlets and business cards to advertise your business? If so, then you might want to consider tapping into the huge potential of outdoor signs. There are many types of outdoor signs, just as there are endless opportunities for you if you use these signs creatively. Apart from the common neon open sign, there are also several outdoor signs that you can use to advertise your business. In this article, we will be talking about some basic signage. Read on to learn more.

Pylon Sign

Those poles you see holding a brand logo as you walk or drive by are the pylons. These signs usually stand up supported by a broad post or a pole and do more than just contain your brand logo. You can use them to put up a tag line, a brand name, or even an illustration. You could put there just about any message that you want to convey. One of the main advantages of pylon signage is that they make it easy for people that are trying to locate your business. Also, the presence of these signs spread the message about your business better and even drives people to come and check out what you are offering.

Wall Signs

The wall sign is among the first signs you will need to invest in. Wall signs can be used indoors or outdoors at your business premises. They allow you to be as creative as possible when designing the signs. They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you choose what works best for you. Also, these signs can be illuminated from inside, from lights on the sign, and from behind. They are also highly customizable. You can customize the messages and graphics you put on wall signs as much as you want.

Based on the message you are looking to convey and the type of business you have, you can personalize the signs a great deal. Wall signs allow you to accomplish different marketing activities. They can be used for advertising new products or services, putting up your tagline, putting up a business name, and promoting your brand ambassador among other things.

Informational Signage

Informational signs help to direct customers to where amenities or other stores are and work best for businesses that have big stores for instance malls or departmental stores. This type of signage is also called directional, organizational, departmental, or even wayfinding signage.

As implied by the name, informational signage is installed to help people find different parts of the store. A LED Open Sign is also another example of informational signage as it informs customers that you are open.

Some instructional signs are the ones that direct your visitors to the pantry, emergency exit, washrooms, or other specific sections of the store. Generally, these types of signs carry concise information that enables people to read even when they are on the move. They often feature bold and large fonts in color schemes that are highly visible.

Window and Floor Graphics

This refers to several types of business signage. The term encompasses all the decals and stickers you see on the glass walls and flooring of a store. They can contain exciting offers or just a simple logo and are ideal for placing outside your business premises.

If you want to attract new and existing customers, you are better off using decals on glass walls. Customers will not easily ignore them.

Floor graphics are also useful when used as instruction signs when put to direct visitors to a specific part of your store. They are easy to design and also highly cost-effective and allow for a great deal of customization. You might want to change the signs and even get new ones.

Roll-up Banners

Also called standee banners, roll-up banners are portable business signage that is also cost-effective. Even if you use them regularly, they can last you five years of re-usage. You only need to replace the inserts or the banners any time you want to advertise a different thing. The frame will usually remain the same. And due to the portability of these signs, you can have them placed anywhere outside or inside the business premises.

The signs are characterized by ample space that allows you to include any advertisement or information. From outlining your business key aspects to announcing the latest offers, a roll-up banner lets you do so much more.

Sidewalk Sign

The other name for sidewalk signs is A-frames, and they are one of the best portable signage you can find in the market. Also, they are available in a whole host of materials. You can choose one-sided, two-sided, or other kinds of sidewalk signs based on the message that you want to convey. The best thing about these signs is that you can put them just about anywhere you want. It could be inside the store or even outside your business premises. Also, the sign can be placed slightly away or outside your store. You can include special announcements on the visible end of the sign. Other things you can include are new additions and offers just to mention but a few.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a great form of advertising for people who want to promote their businesses a bit away from their current locations. You could think of it as a moving billboard. Normally, you take your vehicle or any other one and splutter it with signs. It’s an excellent way to advertise for people on traffic. These are the ads you see placed on trains, private vehicles. You only need to purchase spots on your favorite vehicles, have the right size of graphics designed, and stick your signs on the vehicle. Then, your message will go anywhere the vehicle goes.


Understanding these types of business signage is important for you to run a successful campaign. The key to successful marketing with these signs is to place them the right way. Also, if you find a good sign company, for instance, Green Light Innovations, you will have hit the jackpot.

Green Light Innovations is an award-winning sign company that designs and creates unique signs that set your business apart from the competition. The signs are also durable and will pay themselves back in due course. Whether you want a simple LED Open Sign or a roll-up banner, we are more than up to the task.