Iran with a message of peace?

Iranian Foreign Minister calls for dialogue with Iran's neighbors following US election. "Only together can we build a better future."

Elad Benari ,

Mohammad Javad Zarif
Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday issued a message of peace to Iran’s neighbors, urging dialogue following the US election.

“A sincere message to our neighbors: Trump's gone in 70 days but we'll remain here forever,” he tweeted.

“Betting on outsiders to provide security is never a good gamble. We extend our hand to our neighbors for dialog to resolve differences. Only together can we build a better future for all,” added the Iranian Foreign Minister.

Iran has long been at odds with its neighbors in the Persian Gulf, particularly Saudi Arabia which is its main regional rival.

The two countries back opposing sides in the wars in Yemen and Syria, where the Iranian regime supports President Bashar Al-Assad while the Saudis back the rebels trying to oust him.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly called on Iran to stop its “meddling” in the affairs of the kingdom's neighbors.

Iran has fired back, accusing Saudi Arabia of trying to “drag the entire region into confrontation”.

Iran appears to have been emboldened by the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential election. The country’s first vice president, Eshaq Jahangiri, said on Saturday he hoped for a change in “destructive US policies” after Biden captured the US presidency.

He added that the era of Donald Trump and his “adventurous and belligerent” administration was over.

“I hope we will see a change in the destructive policies of the United States … finally … the era of Trump and his adventurous and belligerent team is over,” Eshaq Jahangiri tweeted.

Relations between Iran and the United States have taken a turn for the worse since 2018, when Trump left the Iran nuclear deal with six powers and reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

In response, Iran has gradually scaled back its compliance with the 2015 deal.

Biden, however, has pledged to rejoin the accord if Iran returns to compliance with it.