Likud Minister: 'Absolutely immoral for Israelis to celebrate Trump's defeat'

Minister blasts left-wing celebrations of Trump's apparent defeat. 'You shouldn't celebrate the downfall of an enemy - much less a friend's'

Yoni Kempinski ,

Yuval Steinitz
Yuval Steinitz
צילום: אסתי דזיובוב/TPS

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) slammed celebrations by left-wing Israelis of President Donald Trump’s apparent loss in last week’s election, saying it is “immoral” to rejoice at the president’s loss.

“It is immoral for Israelis to celebrate Trump’s defeat,” Steinitz told Galei Tzahal in an interview Sunday.

“Our sages teach us not to rejoice when our enemy falls. So when a true friend of Israel, one who stood with Israel when Iran threatened to destroy us, and recognized Jerusalem as our eternal capital – when people rejoice when he loses, that is absolutely immoral,” continued Steinitz.

“Those who now scorn Republicans are making a mistake, both on a moral level and on a practical level.”

Turning to the future of US sanctions on Iran, Steinitz downplayed concerns a Biden administration could bring the US back into the nuclear agreement.

“The main issue is Iran. Prime Minster Netanyahu was the first to identify this as the primary issue. And thanks to him, Iran does not have a nuclear bomb today.”

“Even Biden understands that the Iran nuclear deal needs improvements.”

“The Trump sanctions brought Iran to its knees economically, hampering its ability to rearm. Now, Israel must work with the US government to make sure that in any case, Iran won’t achieve a nuclear bomb.”