Peace Now reacts to Biden news: 'Israel survived annexation insanity'

Peace Now: 'Construction rampage in the settlements must be stopped immediately.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Peace Now
Peace Now
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The Peace Now movement reacted to Joe Biden's election to the presidency of the United States: "Israel survived the insanity of annexation. Time to stop the rampant construction in the settlements and return to negotiations."

The movement said: "Joe Biden is a true friend of Israel who supports the two-state solution.
His election is an opportunity to restore trust in the region and renew peace negotiations. To this end, the construction rampage in the settlements must be stopped immediately."

The movement added: "Trump's tenure has ended and with it must also end the culture of lies and fraud, tyranny and racism and of course the takeover by fundamentalists of Israel's foreign and security policy."