Why do American Jews not appreciate Donald Trump?

The Jewish vote in the US presidential election is going - and probably went this time as well - to the Democrats. Why is this happening?

Jay Shapiro ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Jay Shapiro says that American Jewish organizations are heavily involved in the election.

in fact, American Jews are more active than any other group in the election. In his opinion, they even view voting in the US election as a religious duty.

This still does not provide an explanation for why the tradition of voting for Democrats has not ceased, even when past Democratic administrations were not good for Israel.

Many American Jews simply do not take into account the attitude of the State of Israel when it comes to voting. They are mainly interested in the troubles at home and not the problems in the Jewish state.

So apparently, the appreciation for the current president, who has done so much for Israel and the Jews, is very low among American Jews.