Dershowitz: The election will end in court

US legal expert explains how Trump could win Supreme Court case against Pennsylvania ballot counting processes

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Channel 13 News

US Attorney Alan Dershowitz spoke to Channel 13 News anchor Udi Segal about the Trump Administration's legal challenges to the results of this week's presidential election in several swing states.

"I think this election will definitely end in court. The only question is whether it will end successfully for President Trump in court, and that depends completely on how Joe Biden wins the 270 votes. If he wins by winning Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania is won by a small number of votes, then he has a good chance of prevailing in court, Dershowitz explained. "Pennsylvania is the most vulnerable to a legal challenge."

"Whether the president has a case that will win depends completely on which states determine the outcome of the election. If the president loses as a result of losing in Arizona and Nevada, then I don't think he has much of a case at all. If, on the other hand, the president loses as a result of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania vote is very close, then I think the president does have a substantial chance, because three or four justices have already indicated sympathy with the argument he would make about Pennsylvania improperly counting votes that were received after election day," he said.

Dershowitz warned that if the election ends up being decided by the Supreme Court the way the 2000 presidential election was, the result could severely damage the court's credibility going forward.

"I think Americans should all hope that the election is decided by the people and not by nine unelected justices sitting in Washington DC.