IDF: Arabs destroy sheep enclosure, arrested near Yitzhar

3 Arabs approached the Yitzhar community, vandalized local sheep pen, only to be detained by the IDF and taken in for questioning.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

IDF soldiers near Yithar
IDF soldiers near Yithar
Ari Weiner

Following a chase by IDF forces, three Arabs were arrested today (Thursday) after vandalizing a sheep enclosure and coming within short distance of the Yitzhar community.

Under the guise of harvesting olives in the area, three Arabs made their way to the Yitzhar community and vandalized a sheep pen of one of the local residents.

Golani Brigade soldiers guarding the area gave chase and detained the suspects who were taken in for questioning by security forces.

"This is a serious incident carried out under the guise of "harvesting olives" that could have ended in civilian casualties," said a spokesman for the community. "We thank the Golani fighters for apprehending the terrorists and hope that justice is served to the full degree. We call on the defense establishment to immediately put an end to the 'harvest' provocations in the area," he added.