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Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

That Instagram marketing is awesome is not in doubt. It currently boasts more than one billion users every month.

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Instagram Business
Instagram Business

That Instagram marketing is awesome is not in doubt. It currently boasts more than one billion users every month, and so it’s something every serious internet marketer will be interested in. However, most people aren’t tapping into the full potential of this important marketing platform just because of a lack of knowledge about how to d it right. It becomes even hard if you had to buy Instagram views but cannot get them to buy your products. In this article, we will be telling you about the tips and tricks that are sure to boost your Instagram marketing strategy.

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Understand your audience

Irrespective of the type of product or service that you are trying to promote, it’s crucial that you first understand the market. Even if you have the best Instagram content, it’s not going to serve any purpose if it doesn’t appeal to your audience.

Before you proceed with marketing, take time to understand your audience and think of the best content to appeal to them. This will help you to know whether or not they are potential customers or if they can help you to build your brand. And if you are of the opinion to buy Instagram views, you should make your mind as to the type of followers you want first before you purchase.

Use relevant hashtags

Used correctly, hashtags can boost your visibility dramatically. As a young business that’s just starting, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of competition. However, using hashtags properly can make you stand out.

Hashtags simple mean short words or phrases summarizing your post. A few hashtags that have rocked the Instagram industry include #ShareaCoke by Coca-Cola, #MyCalvins by Calvin Kelvin, and #TweetFromTheSeat by Charmin.

Also, hashtags help you to group and organize your video and image content and make your content easier to find. They give you a simple way of tagging your content so that others can find it more easily. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when it comes to the use of hashtags:

  • Don’t overdo it: using five hashtags that are targeted works more effectively compared to 30 random tags.
  • Don’t Spam: make sure your hashtags are relevant to the images you post.
  • Avoid overused tags: using overused hashtags doesn’t add any value.

Add Calls-to-action

If you want your followers to take any specific action, you should use a call-to-action, popularly abbreviated as CTA.

You could, for instance, want your users to check out your website, purchase something, or even download a PDF. Whatever it is that you want to do, it’s important to be as clear as possible. A good CTA will communicate to your users exactly what they need to do.

But this isn’t easy to pull off on Instagram. You are only allowed to use one link, which is in your bio. In other words, you cannot just go inserting links in every comment, image captions, or image. However, there are a few tricks you can use to include a link. Here are some of them:

Link in bio

It’s sickening that Instagram only allows one place to insert a link. But that means that you’ve got to ask your users to click on it. The simplest way of telling them where to find more information is in the link in your bio.

Promo codes

Because Instagram doesn’t allow you to insert links in images, make sure you provide all the information that users may need. Include information on what they can buy, where to get it, and the benefit they will get by buying.

What makes promo codes ideal is that they are easily traceable. Anytime someone purchases your Instagram code, you will know where that sale came from. Therefore, while you cannot easily track the link, you still get to know where your buyers came from.

Tell Stories

You probably know about this feature especially if you have an account already. You will normally find the feature at the top of your follower’s feeds, and its work is to let your users see a series of posts in a row from one user.

While it might be used by individual users to showcase several posts in a row, this feature is a gift for marketers. It allows you to convey your whole message in several images to form a story.

What are Stories?

There are a few main ways in which stories differ from your ordinary Instagram posts:

· The images flow one by one in a slideshow

· They will usually disappear after 24 hours

· The images don’t have captions because they are full-screen

· Comments are not visible to other users.

Another thing is that there is no need to worry about being higher in the feeds of your followers. All the stories will be found at the top end of the app, so users will scroll through them to watch the ones that appeal to them.

Create beautiful visuals

One of the proven strategies for effective marketing on social media is posting great content.

This is what makes your users engage with your brand and it’s also the reason they will want to come back for more.

You can achieve this by posting interesting articles, starting conversations, and sharing links if you are on other social media sites. But on Instagram, all content has to be in the form of images. The main idea behind the network was to enable the sharing of images by users.

But this is what makes Instagram so good for marketers. Users are attracted by beautiful images, and research shows that 93% of the purchasing decisions are influenced by visual appearance. We cannot overemphasize the power of good images.

Apart from capturing great photos, what else can you do to make your content stand out and be more appealing? Here are some tips:

Choose a theme

The best Instagram profiles will often have an underlying tone or theme. You need something extra to inspire and intrigue your followers, other than just your products. One example that I like to tell my readers is the hashtag that Under Armour uses. It is #IWILL, and all its posts relate to overcoming obstacles physically.

Change the style and subject

We’ve already said that mere sharing of photos and hoping that buyers will be convinced just doesn’t cut it. You risk your followers tuning out and your chances of getting new ones on board are even slimmer.

The best strategy is varying the types of content that you share as this is what will keep your fans happy and interested. Some types of content that you may want to post include:

· Motivational Images

· User-Generated Content

· Sneak peeks of behind the scenes

· Influencer content


Marketing on Instagram requires a clear, and well-thought-out strategy. But more importantly, you also need to amass a sizeable fan base. While you can grow your followers organically, the problem is that this option may take too much time before it gains traction. It’s why you see many companies now deciding to buy Instagram views instead. If you are interested in purchasing Instagram views, comments, and likes, the best place to do so is likes.io.