Watch: Footage of Samaria terror attack attempt

Security camera captures moments when terrorist opens fire at soldiers stationed near Shechem.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Footage of the attack
Footage of the attack

New footage was published tonight, Wednesday, from security cameras placed near the area where the shooting attack this morning near Shechem was thwarted.

The commander of the Samaria Regional Brigade, Colonel Roi Zweig, earlier held a discussion to assess the situation on the ground.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the terrorist opened fire from his vehicle, the fighters identified the threat, returned fire at him and the terrorist was neutralized.

Zweig said that "in recent days, the Barak Battalion of the Golani Brigade has begun operational activity in the Samaria Regional Brigade. The battalion entered the region very well, as was reflected this morning in the encounter with the terrorist.

"The battalion's conduct embodies the orderly preparations process that took place upon their entry into operational activity. The IDF will continue to work to maintain security in the area and will work to thwart terrorist attacks," he added.