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Israel's Businesses Should Learn to Survive Another Lockdown According to Rantic

Covid-19 has hit Israel's economy severely. It is experiencing the most significant economic shrink in the last 45 years.

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Lockdown imposed in Ramle
Lockdown imposed in Ramle
Yossi Aloni/Flash90

Covid-19 has hit Israel's economy severely. It is experiencing the most significant economic shrink in the last 45 years. While the government activated its fiscal caps to offer a much-needed social safety net and bolster the economy, the effort is still not enough to handle small-scale business losses. In such a situation, what should these businesses do, primarily when most of them operate online?

According to experts, entrepreneurs should look to broaden their market in the next few months. Domestic sellers should consider selling their products throughout Israel instead of limiting themselves to only a corner of their state.

But how can they achieve such a feat within a short period? A good starting point is leveraging the power of social media. Even small business owners can use social media marketing to boost brand awareness, increase their reach, and let more people know about their products and services.

Promoting on social media

It takes months or even years to build a solid brand reputation. Businesses with an existing customer base can look to grow domestically. A significant increase in follower count can help companies make an excellent first impression, particularly when trying to scale their business and reach new audiences online.

Purchasing followers on social media proves to be an excellent investment. Rantic, one of the best social media marketing companies, provides thousands of followers for business pages on social media, helping businesses gain attention from a broader range of targeted customers.

Whether businesses decide to buy likes and followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, the aim is to boost brand presence in the whole of Israel. Doing this successfully means enabling the growth of companies and strengthening the country's economy.

The first quarter of this accounting year shows the worst economic contraction in Israel’s last 25 years. Private consumption, which is one of the main components of Israel's main features, came crashing after a drop of 43.4% in sales. Imports declined by 41.7%, and exports also saw a contraction of 33.4%. Experts believe that if both small-scale and large-scale companies widen their business scope, they can revive the economic condition fairly by the end of the accounting year.

Improving brand awareness

The game is simple. People trust what everyone trusts. And this mentality manifests when consumers feel interested in trying products that thousands of others have already used. By developing a considerable follower base by purchasing viewers, followers, likes, shares, and comments on different social media sites, entrepreneurs can create a buzz nationally.

This is precisely how big companies have made a name for themselves. But even small businesses can use the same tactic to generate more customers. Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, there's no better way for businesses to promote their products and services than using social media.

As Israel continues to face the lockdown’s ramifications, business owners try to get back on their feet and fight the economic situation through new marketing strategies. Introducing social media marketing can make a wealth of difference, enabling business owners to increase their reach while helping the country's economy at the same time.