ISIS claims responsibility for Vienna shooting

Terror group claims responsibility for shooting which left 4 dead after one of the shooters was confirmed to be an ISIS supporter.

Gary Willig ,

Scene of attack in Vienna
Scene of attack in Vienna

The ISIS terrorist organization on Tuesday claimed responsibility for Monday night's deadly shooting attack in Vienna, Austria.

The announcement follows confirmation from authorities that one of the shooters was a 20-year-old man who had been previously convicted of seeking to travel to Syria and join ISIS but was released from prison early due to his young age.

Four people were murdered and 15 were wounded in the shooting, which began near the Seitenstettengasse Temple, the largest synagogue in Vienna.

Two men and two woman were killed in the attack, an interior ministry spokesman said, while about 15 more have been injured, seven seriously. Police also said an officer had been hurt.

The terrorist who had been released from prison was killed in a shootout with police.