She thought everything she was carrying was legal

Rivka, a 22-year old from Jerusalem, was an adventurous girl who loved travelling with her friends.

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Photo credit: The family

When a previous employer offered to pay her 4,000 shekels to fly to Bulgaria to bring over some merchandise, she was a little unsure at first. The man assured her that he’s done it plenty of times and never had a problem. She called her friend Batel, who immediately offered to join her.

They had flights and hotels paid for along with 4,000 shekels spending cash. What could go wrong?

Almost the moment they arrived, Bulgarian security discovered the suspicious item in Rivka’s suitcase. They questioned the two girls, but Rivka and Batel did not understand what was going on. Security escorted them into a car. When the doors finally opened, they knew they had made a grave mistake.

They were standing in front of a jail.


“They are keeping Rivka in a horrible, horrible place, surrounded by violent criminals,” reads moving text on her family’s emergency fund page. “They know she is Israeli & Jewish and they hate her for it. She calls me from the jail crying with fear and I have no way to honestly tell her that she can come home soon. She is just a sweet young girl from a religious family, who made a silly mistake in trusting someone who was deceiving her, and who now is being tormented for it.”

The prosecutor is asking for 15 years for their daughter. Rivka’s parents have hired one of the best lawyers for handling such crimes but the expenses are astronomical. Rivka’s parents are simple Jerusalemites who don’t have enough savings to cover the costs. They are turning to donors for help. To help save Rivka, click here.