Watch: 24 Hours To USA Elections - The Israeli Perspective

'Two nice Jewish boys' host Oren Nahari to discuss on the meaning of the elections to Israel and its interests.

Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein ,

Joe Biden faces off against Donald Trump
Joe Biden faces off against Donald Trump
Jim Watson/Saul Loeb

Tomorrow is a big day for America, and naturally for the world. Many US citizens have already voted and many more will as the country faces the big decision - who will be the man to lead the free world for the next four years? Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

If Israelis were voting, the outcome would be definitive. In a recent poll conducted by i24News, 63% of Israelis said Trump would be a better president for Israel. Only 18.8% said the same about Biden.

Trump also represents a big divide in the American Jewish community: whereas most of American born Jews living in the States do not support Trump, the majority of Israeli-born Jews living in the States do.

So is Trump good for the Jews? Is he good for Israel? And, what will happen if Joe Biden wins tomorrow?

To discuss all of this, and much more, we are joined by Oren Nahari. We hosted Oren on the podcast almost 4 years ago to discuss Trump after 30 days in office. Oren is a legendary Israeli foreign affairs correspondent, an author, a sci-fi geek and an avid cat person. We are thrilled to have him on the show today.