The self-cancellation of Basement Biden

The Boston Herald says Trump is 'what America needs right now'. Biden has self-cancelled with the oil industry, Ukraine and China.Op-ed.

Aviel Sheyin-Stevens, Jur.D. , | updated: 3:18 PM

Oil rig
Oil rig
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When President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden met for their final debate, the debate organizer gutted its own forum.

The Commission on Presidential Debates sponsors and produces debates for US presidential and vice-presidential candidates. In 2020, the Commission joined Big Tech and the media machine to shield Biden, the Democrat Party presidential nominee, from public scrutiny that reflect badly on Biden’s public service, and shut down credible allegations of corruption by his family that traded on his position when he was a senator and vice president, including any reference to a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a computer repair store before his father declared his candidacy for president.

Biden canceled his candidacy for unequivocally denying a demonstrable fact: there is evidence that while he was senator and vice president, he and his family allegedly peddled inside access and influence for millions of dollars to foreign governments and businesses.

In October 2020, ahead of the final debate, former Republican presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole called out the Commission, saying it was rigged against President Trump. Dole said, there are professing Republicans on the Commission, but “none of them support” President Trump.

Dole tweeted: “The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds. I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine. I am concerned that none of them support @realDonaldTrump. A biased Debate Commission is unfair.”

The debates used to compel the candidates to answer serious questions about the vital issues that confront the president of the United States. In the first presidential debate, Chris Wallace of Fox News acted as Biden’s assistant, rather than as an impartial moderator. A would-be moderator, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, exposed his bias before the world and then lied about it, contributing to the cancellation of the second debate. The moderator for the final debate, NBC News’ Kristen Welker, is a long-standing acolyte of former President Barack Hussein Obama, to whom Biden was the vice president.

The final presidential debate has generally been devoted to foreign policy. And between Trump and Biden, foreign policy is also the place where their positions are most distinguishable. Biden can plagiarize Trump’s America First position on manufacturing, but he cannot cover up the distinctions between his long record of catastrophes and disasters in foreign policy and the successes of Trump’s record.

Before the final debate, the Commission announced that Welker has decided to take foreign policy off the agenda. Instead, she asked the candidates about the Chinese virus, climate change, race relations in America and other issues already discussed in the first debate.

The Trump campaign rightly attacked Welker’s decision. Trump’s campaign stated that Welker wanted to shelter Biden from a discussion of his son’s multimillion-dollar deals with Ukraine and China; deals which were initiated while Biden was vice president, and Biden allegedly used his position to run a pay-to-play influence operation.

In his first term in office, Trump transformed American foreign policy for the good, in a manner that has not been seen since the end of World War II. Whereas, Biden worked for decades in Congress, and as Barack Obama’s vice president, to “radically transform” American foreign policy; favoring America’s enemies, disfavoring America’s allies and harming America’s own interests.

In October 2020, America and Russia reportedly reached a tentative deal to extend for an additional year the START nuclear warheads limitation treaty, set to expire in 2021. The Trump administration hopes to improve the deal from America’s perspective, and add China to the treaty. Biden, who played a key role in negotiating the deal, wishes to prolong it unconditionally.

In the same month, Trump announced America has removed Sudan from the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. Sudan had earlier agreed to pay $335 million in restitution to American victims of the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, which al-Qaeda carried out while Sudan’s previous regime was sponsoring the terror group. The move aided the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel.

And Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised President Trump for three peace deals in six weeks!

Earlier that month, Israel signed a host of bilateral agreements with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates that officially normalized their diplomatic relations, and paved the way for the economic integration of Israel into the broader Middle East for the first time in its 72-year history. Thanks to Trump, the Arab boycott of Israel is over!

Obama and Biden empowered and appeased Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist regimes and groups. The Obama-Biden administration was hostile toward Israel, and the administration supported the overthrow of a long-time American ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and his replacement by a Muslim Brotherhood regime.

Iran’s goal is the destruction of America, yet the Obama-Biden’s solution was to appease Iran by letting Iran increase its destructive might, get nuclear weapons capability and get the ayatollahs $150 billion. But Trump withdrew America from the Iran deal, and imposed crippling sanctions on the ayatollahs to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and destabilize the regime that seeks to dominate the Middle East to the detriment of American national security and the survival of America’s allies.

Trump implemented a strategy of “maximum pressure” to destabilize the regime economically and politically, while supporting US regional allies in their acts to defend themselves against Iranian aggression. The Trump administration is now adding new sanctions to block weapons sales to Iran. News sales will be possible for the first time in 20 years because the Obama-Biden nuclear deal put a sunset clause on the UN weapons embargo, freeing Iran now to start purchasing advanced weapons on the open market.

Biden has pledged to reinstate the Obama-Biden commitment to the nuclear deal and end economic sanctions on Iran, which would free the most prolific state sponsor of terrorism to develop a nuclear arsenal. Biden has also pledged to restore the Palestinian Arabs’ opposition to Israel’s existence to the core of his renewed policy toward Israel. Biden has a long record of foreign-policy failures: Perpetual foreign wars, NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership, China in the World Trade Organization with Most Favorite Nation status, Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran deal, etc.

Biden and Obama strengthened American ties with China, to China’s advantage. Biden is the person that has destroyed the most manufacturing jobs in America. In the 1990s, Biden shepherded China to most-favored-nation trading status and World Trade Organization membership, setting the course for the outsourcing of US manufacturing base to China. Obama told American workers that their manufacturing jobs will never come back.

Trump revitalized manufacturing in America through his trade tariffs, his corporate tax cuts, his deregulation and his trade deals with Canada, Mexico and China. Trump has confronted China’s growing rivalry, recognizing that the competition between America and China will likely define international power politics in the coming decades.

Trump’s priority for his second term is to get America back to normal, to get back to where things were before the Chinese-virus pandemic, to have the economy soar and be great with jobs. But that was like saying Make America Great Again. So the left just get mad and livid. The left has wielded the Chinese virus like a lethal weapon to terrify the uninformed about life, death and population biology. Biden said when it comes to the virus, “people are having to learn to die with it” while Trump said, “We have to learn to live with it.”

Americans know by now that treatments are improving against the Chinese virus, that death rates are declining, and that about 99.8 percent of the infected under 65 will survive the virus. The gloomy predictions of 200,000 more dead by New Year’s Day, or of more national lockdown, and no vaccination until mid-year 2021 are unlikely.

Forced by Trump in their final debate, Biden said he will “transition from the oil industry;” essentially, self-canceling his candidacy in oil-producing swing states. Voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc., know that Biden’s “transitioning from the oil industry,” banning fracking (but just on federal lands), etc., are euphemisms for renewing the Obama-Biden war on oil and gas production and pipelines.

The mainstream media and the Big Tech social media cartel are all in on the official left-wing fantasy that there is a real Democrat Party “candidate” actively “campaigning” from his basement, and that Democrat chad-danglers will deliver a Basement-Biden landslide.

After the November 3 election, the left will scheme to count every manner of unsolicited ballots and other fraudulent votes, even ones that arrive after New Year’s Day 2021 with Ukrainian postmarks. But no matter how loud Democrats howl about counting every “vote,” President Trump won’t fold. He is perhaps the only Republican left with a spine. And that quality alone gains him his reelection.

Per the endorsement of The Boston Herald of Donald Trump for president: “Biden’s platform is a risky love letter to social justice warriors and those who believe capitalism is the root of all evil… All this, of course, ignores the fact that pre-COVID-19, Donald Trump’s economy was going gangbusters. Last year, the jobless rate dropped to 3.5%, its lowest reading in 50 years. The jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low of 3.9% in September 2019, while African Americans maintained their lowest rate ever, 5.5%...”

The newspaper concluded, “[Trump is] what America needs right now, decisive action to get us back to pre-pandemic strength — not an unfeasible spending spree in the name of a progressive utopia.”

After their bizarre presidential primaries, instead of falling in line behind Go-Slow Biden, Democrats should have declared Trump the winner and move on in preserving and defending America. Just be done with it, because that is what is going to happen anyway.

Joe Biden has self-canceled his candidacy. The only candidate standing is Donald Trump. President Trump is coming back.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.