The amazing merit of our mother Rachel

The patriarch Abraham: Sharing the knowledge of G-d with a world in denial.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Tomb of Rachel
Tomb of Rachel
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In this week’s Torah portion of Lech Lecha (“Go to yourself”), the patriarch Abraham bursts upon the scene.

He begins a career of teaching the whole world – a world that was in denial of G-d – that there really is a Creator. Abraham literally stood up against the whole world, confronting and exposing the fallacy of idolatry and confounding the evil establishment, and he reinstated belief in the One G-d, bequeathing this knowledge to all humanity.

But where did Abraham come from? How did he find the Creator, and what motivated him to begin his spiritual quest?

In this week’s episode of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman focus on the patriarch Abraham and examine fascinating and inspiring Torah teachings about the founder of the nation of Israel, the great spiritual seeker Abraham.

Our program also features a compelling teaching about the virtuous deeds and shining humanity of our mother Rachel, whose yahrtzeit (the anniversary of her death) is observed this week on 11 MarCheshvan (Oct. 28-29) and is reckoned as a day especially propitious for heartfelt prayer.