Arutz Sheva Poll: Religious Zionists' attitude on LGBT rights

Majority supports integration into society, open to unity, understanding & cooperation but opposes LGBT Rabbis and prayer leaders

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


With a public debate regarding the religious society's treatment of observant LGBT community members raging in Israel, Arutz Sheva and the Direct Polls Institute conducted a special survey on the subject. About half said they supported government funding for gay couples, while 81% of LGBT parents said they wouldn't change their treatment of children who came out as gay.

A majority of the national-religious public supports providing financial benefits to same-sex couples as well as integrating them into mainstream society. 52.8% of poll participants supported the rabbinate providing access to religious rulings for the LGBT community, 32.6% were against, while 14.7% said they weren't sure.

At the same time, it appeared there was a clear reservation about providing members of the LGBT public spiritual and teaching roles in the community. 60% of those questioned said they were opposed, 25% stated they would agree, and 15% said they weren't sure.

The survey was conducted by Shlomo Filber and Tzuriel Sharon of Direct Polls Ltd. on behalf of Arutz Sheva on October 27, 2020, with the participation of 1,178 Israeli adults (ages 18 and above) who view themselves as belonging to the religious Zionist sector. The statistical sampling error was + 3.2% + - with a probability of 95%.