Amiram Ben Uliel appeals to Supreme Court

Man convicted of Duma arson murders forming defense team to appeal conviction to the Supreme Court. 'He is innocent and we will prove it.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Amiram Ben-Uliel in court
Amiram Ben-Uliel in court

Amiram Ben Uliel announced that he is submitting an appeal to the Supreme Court against his conviction in the district court in the deadly 2015 Duma arson.

In addition, Ben-Uliel requested that he be given an extension to file the appeal. The request for an extension was justified by the fact that a defense team was formed and that time was required to study the legal case and formulate all the necessary materials.

Ben Uliel was convicted of the murder of three members of the Dawabsheh family in Duma and was sentenced to three life sentences last month.

The sentence was handed down after the Central District Court in Lod decided to reject the appeal filed by the defense attorneys to throw out his conviction following new evidence in the case.

Among other things, Ben-Uliel is appealing the court's decision that some of his confessions are admissible - even though they were allegedly obtained using torture.

The application to the Supreme Court states, "The defense team has not yet been formed, and the appellant's representation has not yet been arranged, and efforts are being made to form a suitable defense team for the case. The appeal will be submitted within 90 days."

Ben-Uliel's associates stated, "Ben-Uliel is innocent, and this will be proven in the Supreme Court. We are currently forming a defense team of jurists that will lead to the disclosure of the truth, and to the one conclusion that emerges from all the testimonies and evidence - Ben Uliel is not connected to the incident in Duma. Eyewitnesses describe another incident, the findings in the field of car tires and shoe prints do not match the conviction, the graffiti does not match Ben Uliel's writing and more and more investigative failures and findings that contradict the conviction. We call on the GSS to expose the videos of the torture that Ben-Uliel went through, that the entire public will see what they did in the interrogation rooms for whole nights until he screamed in pain how the interrogators sought to make him scream. In the Supreme Court, everything will be revealed and Amiram will be released to his home."