Light plane crashes at Netanya beach, pilot's condition minor

Plane crashes on rocky Poleg Beach. Medics dispatched to scene examine pilot, a 70 year old man whose condition is defined as minor.

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Light plane crash
Light plane crash
MDA operational footage

A light plane crashed this morning, Thursday, near the waterline at Poleg Beach in Netanya.

MDA medics rushed to the scene and examined the pilot, a 70-year-old man whose condition was defined as minor.

MDA paramedic Orian Lukach said of the incident: "We received a report of a plane landing on the rocky shore near the waterline, together with the police forces we reached the pilot who was walking on the sand while fully conscious."

"Seeing a plane on the waterline is not something we see every day and miraculously the pilot was not injured at all, walked on the beach and did not need medical treatment," she added.