Netanyahu: Find a more comfortable mask

PM says plan of half school-week for 1st, 2nd graders will be in place 2 weeks, during which cancellation of capsules will be examined.

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Netanyahu at government meeting
Netanyahu at government meeting
Haim Zach (GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the Corona Cabinet meeting this morning, Thursday, with reference to the outline for the return to school of first and second graders.

"We are setting out with the outline we have established. First and second graders will study for half a week for two weeks, third and fourth graders five days a week," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu added, "After discussions, we decided that the outline decided in the previous cabinet will be valid for two weeks and that in the next two weeks the Ministry of Health will examine full classrooms without capsules."

Netanyahu later addressed the issue of wearing masks, and asserted that only strict adherence to this issue would prevent a third lockdown.

"If we do not make sure to wear masks, we will not be able to make much progress. If the public does not wear masks then it does not matter what happens, we will return to the same place we were in," he noted.

The prime minister added, "We need to harness the means of explanation and local government. But one more thing - we need to find a more comfortable mask."

"We will be with it for at least a year," Netanyahu explained. "The request from the public should be easy to carry out. Money should be invested in designing masks that are easier to wear."