Woke Democrats are not so elite

Think about it, They support a crime family and run a protection racket  Op-ed.

Steve Apfel ,

Joe and Hunter Biden
Joe and Hunter Biden
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Wokes, as already known, can’t think straight. Though educated and intelligent, they occupy the intellectual low ground.

And for morality? What ground do Wokes hold? High. It must be high if Wokes look down on the other half as ‘deplorables’ in their self-belief that no people more superior ever lived. Compared to America’s Founding Fathers, the primitive slave owners, Woke Democrats are gods. They care.

Hardly a cause or concern fails to ruffle Woke feathers: gender, climate, black lives, police, migrants, Palestinian rights, Israeli wrongs, racism, dog whistles, white supremacy and a feudal midget of a President. The evils of America, home to systemic racism, trouble moral elites by day and by night.

The evils troubled Wokes up to the week that was. Then at the pinnacle of the November 2020 campaign a corruption story became about Joe and not Hunter.

For their survival Wokes made calculations, and it was then the naked eye beheld the state of their moral pantry. Their cupboard and Old Mother Hubbard’s were bare to the same degree.

It came as a shock to Woke Democrats that their candidate for President was more unsavoury and irredeemable than (to their mind) the despicable Trump. The candidate runs a Family.

The crux of Biden’s bind is that the facts about him are too factual for his handlers to deny authenticity. So the Big Tech Wokes had to step in with a protection racket, which even their Atlantic mouthpiece admits.
The Biden five, pronounced Peter Schweitzer author of books on the political swamp, is the number one crime family in Washington. ‘The Big Guy’ in Hunter Biden’s emails, raking his 10% on deals with foreign entities in China and Ukraine, works the biggest racket in DC. What is the office of the Vice President for but to leverage influence?

Biden though is not a Don Corleoni type of Godfather. Jelly-kneed Joe throws his boy Hunter under the bus until father can squeak through the November poll. And remember Joe bunkered in his basement while the family braved Covid above ground. Remember at the onset of Covid, how Biden berated Trump for stopping flights from China, where the business partners strut the commissariat. Did Trump locking out China cost the Family?

The crux of Biden’s bind is that the facts about him are too factual for his handlers to deny authenticity.

So the Big Tech Wokes had to step in with a protection racket, which even their Atlantic mouthpiece admits.

“Concerns about illiberal tendencies on the left are not made up out of thin air. Parts of the left now seek far-reaching censorship in social media, and are hostile to free speech.

Without a protection racket the Family would be kaput. “How long can the blackout continue,” asked the WSJ, writing of the “Silicon Curtain” drawn in front of the voters’ right to know.

Could any media establishment be more corrupt than America’s? No legitimate media would refuse to cover the biggest story of a Presidential campaign. The campaign itself was a sham, a travesty of a campaign. The Woke candidate refused interviews and hid out in a basement – the ‘Hidin Biden’ strategy. Handlers did not trust the Godfather to survive encounters even with a pliant media. It had to be an issue-free contest for the White House. It had to be no more than a referendum on a scripted personality named Trump and how badly it handled the pandemic.

At the release of the Hunter Biden emails, Joe, rather than staying to rebut them, scuttled back to the bunker, leaving it to the Woke media to make lame excuses for not covering the news. weekly newsletter from the public editor. And when Trump began to speak of the Family his interviewer cried out, “This is ‘60 Minutes and we can’t put on things we can’t verify.” (Twitter source has been erased).

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil portrays the Woke protection racket, which non-stop during four bitter years heard, saw and spoke continuous evil about a concocted straw figure named Trump.

If the protection racket, aided and abetted by feudal lords of the social media, banked on burying or blocking the revelations about the Biden Family, the gambit failed. The story ended up being the most-discussed of the campaign. The next most talked-about story was the social networks trying to block it. The New York Post which broke the story called it an act of modern totalitarianism.

But the Wokes have never been put off by totalitarianism. In their DNA is the instinct to control and indoctrinate everyone from cradle to grave. From language to sport everything must conform to Woke doctrines. No one has reason to be shocked. The Biden Family after all is in business with a regime commanded by Chinese President Xi Jinping. This is a gulag operating regime that removes children while parents are put through re-education behind barbed wire.

Biden in the White House would mean that the protection racket snatched the soul of America the free. It would mean that the Family will be protected. There’ll be no paying for its corruption, as Hilary Clinton did not have to pay.

It’s the unprotected American people who will pay. They’ll have to live with another lockdown perhaps for the sake of saving the planet from climate extinction. To Wokes follow the science means doing what Big Brother and Sister tell you is good for you. They trust Godfather Joe to do what’s good for them. If he did what’s good for the Family why not?

Bank on Wokes pursuing such a line of thought. Remember, they have a fatal deficiency of critical reasoning. Wokes don’t think so good. It wouldn’t occur to them that policy makers don’t have to live with the consequences of utopian dreams. Havoc caused by open borders, Green Deals, national health, language police and defunded proper police is for the meek and mindless to bear.

Orwell’s 1984 did not have a bleaker finale.

Steve Apfel is an economist and a cost accountant, but most of all a prolific author of non-fiction and fiction, published in many journals and sites. His books include: ‘The Paymaster’ (Fiction); Hadrian’s Echo (Non-fiction); ‘A bias thicker than faith’ (non-fiction, for publication during 2020), and ‘Balaam’s curse’ a WIP biblical novel.