Daughter of Lebanese President open to peace with Israel

Daughter of Lebanon's President Michel Aoun says she's open to peace treaty with Israel but the country must first solve economic problems.

Elad Benari ,

Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon

Claudine Aoun, daughter of Lebanon's President Michel Aoun and head of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, has said she is open to a peace treaty with Israel once the disputes between the two countries have been resolved, i24NEWS reported Monday.

In televised remarks a day earlier, Aoun stressed that the country had to tackle a host of problems to solve its economic crisis.

Among the issues she listed were the border demarcation with Israel and the problem of so-called “Palestinian refugees”.

"Once these problems are solved, I would not object to the prospect of a peace agreement between the Lebanese state and Israel," Claudine Aoun said.

"I defend the interests of my country, Lebanon. So, should we remain in a state of war? I do not have an ideological dispute with anyone, but my dispute is political," she asserted.

Earlier this month, official discussions commenced between representatives of Israel and Lebanon, with the aim of reaching an agreement on their maritime border.

A senior Israeli official involved in the negotiations stressed that the talks are not on normalization of ties between the countries and stated, “We are commencing negotiations with Lebanon with a pragmatic and realistic approach. We have a limited goal – namely, to fix the maritime border between the two countries.”

The Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization, which has a strong presence in the Lebanese parliament, stressed the US-backed talks with Israel did not signify "reconciliation" or "normalization" with the Jewish state.