Shtisel star to host Amit Academy Awards

Ayelet Zurer, star of Shtisel, Munich, Angels & Demons will host The Bessies, AMIT’s Academy Awards for student filmmakers.

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Ayelet Zurer
Ayelet Zurer
Moshe Shai/Flash90

Ayelet Zurer, star of Shtisel, Munich, Angels & Demons will host The Bessies, AMIT’s Academy Awards with special appearances by Mayim Bialik and musical superstar Idan Raichel. Nancy Spielberg, writer and producer, will serve as a guest judge of the student films. Named after AMIT founder Bessie Gotsfeld, AMIT’s virtual gala will showcase five student filmmakers who were selected from more than 50 films created by AMIT students this year. AMIT is honoring several supporters from around the country who have demonstrated enormous passion for AMIT’s mission.

AMIT is proud to present our first-ever virtual Academy Awards Gala on Sunday, November 22 at 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST, and 5 p.m. PST. This is AMIT’s most important and biggest celebration of the year.

Don't miss your chance to support our honorees from the tri-state area and watch the award-winning student films that will showcase the impact an AMIT education has had on children throughout Israel. It promises to be an inspiring evening that will make you proud of AMIT as the leader of educational innovation throughout Israel. Your support of AMIT’s Gala will raise much-needed funds for our 41,000 students, 70% who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

DeeDee and Anna Wilkowski, of Hewlett, mother and daughter, are being honored for their strong commitment to AMIT Children. “I come from a long line of women who are committed to AMIT’s mission,” remarked DeeDee. “I have always been passionate about AMIT and involved in its leadership and am very happy that my daughter Anna is following in my footsteps.” As an alumna of Midreshet AMIT, Anna Wilkowski said she “loved the combination of chesed and deep Torah learning. I made friends that I know I’ll keep for life and learned valuable lessons on my responsibilities as a Jewish woman.” She currently serves on the AFLI board and has helped to organize several events.

Elana and Shami Minkove, of New Rochelle, are also being honored for their devotion to AMIT Children. “Our dedication and support of AMIT is a value that we learned at a young age from watching our parents’, grandparents’, and great grandparents’ steadfast support of the State of Israel and their emphasis on the importance of an excellent education,” they remarked.

Yael Weinreb from Los Angeles is also being honored for her strong commitment to AMIT Children. “My deep affection and dedication to AMIT was fostered at an early age, as I watched my parents’ commitment and love for the State of Israel and the greater Jewish community,” recalled Yael. That love carries into her own life today as a member of the Los Angeles Leadership Council.

Eleanor Chiger and Jay Kaplowitz of Boynton Beach are thrilled to be honored and said, “These schools represent the essence of AMIT education. They teach a wide range of technical skills and serve children who often have not succeeded elsewhere. We met students who told us amazing stories about their progress and met teachers who would call their students to make sure they were coming to school.”

For 95 years, AMIT has supported the children of Israel, first bringing refugees from war-torn Europe to establishing a 106 schools and youth villages that was named the number one educational network by Israel’s Ministry of Education for the third year in a row. This is possible because of the pedagogical methodology AMIT employs that focusses on a child-centered learning experience so that every child gets the support needed to realize their full potential. By creating critical self-reliant thinkers, our AMIT children are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century and given the tools to succeed and ensure that Israel remains a strong and vital society.

In these most challenging times, it takes a village to raise a child. It takes the power of an innovative education to take that child to greater heights. For information and to register visit.

Shtisel star to host Amit Academy Awards Amit