Poll: Bennett preferred choice for prime minister over Netanyahu

New poll finds 31% of Israelis support Bennett for prime minister compared to 28% for Netanyahu.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

A new poll conducted by the Direct Polls institute and published by Channel 12 News found that more Israelis would prefer Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett as prime minister than Binyamin Netanyahu.

The poll found that 31.4% would vote for Bennett for prime minister, compared to 28.6% for Netanyahu. 35% of the respondents answered that they would not support either candidate.

The research institute noted that the main conclusion from the survey is that "Naftali Bennett is stabilizing his place as an alternative to Binyamin Netanyahu and pushing everyone else out of the way."

They note that among right-wing voters, 37% will support Bennett for prime minister, compared with 45% for Netanyahu. 11% of right-wing voters will not vote for either of them.

"The strong support received by Bennett among the entire sample comes mainly voters from the center, where they see in Bennett the means to topple Netanyahu, but may not really support him in the elections. The embrace Bennett is getting from centrists could be dangerous for him. "The right-wing base may abandon him at the moment of truth if they recognize a convergence of forces whose purpose is to topple Netanyahu. Bennett may then find himself bereft from both sides," the institute stated.