Next goal: Deal with Saudi Arabia

Saudi crown prince reportedly seeks to advance normalization, but his father is blocking the move.

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Saudi crown prince
Saudi crown prince

After Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan, Israel is now expecting an agreement with Saudi Arabia, Israel Hayom reported this morning, Sunday.

Both Jerusalem and Washington have hinted that the Saudis are approaching a decision to recognize Israel.

However, even at this stage there is still no certainty that Riyadh will join Sudan - which over the weekend became the fifth Arab state to announce that it will make peace with Israel.

According to estimates in Jerusalem and Washington, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is interested in normalization with Israel, but his father, King Salman, is currently blocking the move.

Despite this, all indications are that the agreements with the UAE and Bahrain have received a green light from the Saudis. It is estimated that this is due to the Gulf states' interest in producing a US-sponsored political-security bloc against Iran.

In this way, if President Trump is re-elected, all the partners in the agreements will benefit. At the same time, the Gulf states seek to anchor the power of the bloc so that even a new president in the White House cannot back down from American commitments.