Itai Yitzhak, 17, of Magen Ner, killed in brawl in north

Itai Yitzhak was killed last night in a fight that broke out near Mukaybala. Six boys and male in his 40s arrested.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Itai Yitzchak
Itai Yitzchak

Itai Yitzhak, a 17-year-old from Magen Ner, is the boy who was killed this morning in a brawl near the village of Mukaybla in the Gilboa Regional Council, it was allowed for publication. Six boys and a male in his 40s were arrested.

The late Yitzhak, a 12th grade student in the Nir HaEmek youth village in Afula, left behind parents, a twin sister, and a brother who is about to be drafted.

"We don't see this as an incident between the residents of Gan Ner and the residents of Mukaybala," said the Council head Oved Nur, who also lives in Gan Ner. "This was a shocking incident involving a brawl between teenagers, which ended in a horrific death."

Nur added: "We give full confidence in the police's work, and believe that they'll prosecute those who should be prosecuted. The investigation is ongoing but we see this incident as something that can happen anywhere," he said.

Nur knows the boy and his family personally. "Everything said at the moment will sound like a personal recommendation, but he really was an exemplary boy. Very much loved by everyone in this community and in general at Gilboa and it really hurts. We want to see such a sapling grow into a big tree, and we are pained that he will only remain in our memory."