Israeli activists target 60 m. Evangelical voter bloc for Trump

If Israel, America and Christians are to survive, says this book, go out and vote for the man whose actions are biblically correct. Review.

Dr. Harold Goldmeier ,

File: Evangelical prayer session at ICEJ event, 2012
File: Evangelical prayer session at ICEJ event, 2012

What Will Turn-Out 60M Voters

Sixty million evangelical voters are the critical core of President Trump’s reelection prospects. The love evangelicals and Christian Zionists hold in their hearts for Israel is expected to help drive eight out-of-ten to likely vote for Mr. Trump.

The cause cé·lè·bre is behind the frenzy of mobilizing pro-Israel activists into a get-out-the vote campaign targeting evangelicals and Christian Zionists. Josh Reinstein, director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, and named one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world, goes so far to characterize Mr. Trump, as the progenitor of King Cyrus the Great, “Who aided the Jewish people’s return to their land.”

Reinstein implores them, your “vision adheres to biblical principles to get more involved in the political process….Help defend God’s covenant with Israel.”

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

Meantime, Progressive Democrats are promoting budget cuts to maintaining Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge in the Middle East. They decry Mr. Trump’s daring Middle East moves, especially his abandonment of the Palestinian Arab cause. Suffice to say, the Trump administration brings a pristine focus to U.S. Middle East foreign policy with Israel’s security the lynchpin. This fulfills one of his salient campaign promises. On the downside, Mr. Trump is paying a political price in the pre-election polls.

Pro-Israel activists studiously avoid any discussion about the other issue dear to the Christian community, i.e., abortion. They pin their hopes on Mr. Trump’s appointments of federal judges to overturn Roe v Wade. Instead, Israel activists link pro-Israel triumphalism to garnering support for fighting the resurgence of anti-Semitism.

Jews need good Christians as allies to stem anti-Semitism masked as anti-Zionism by

  • Exposing the BDS Movement and its true desire to destroy Israel
  • Reframing characterizations of Jews as Nazis-like occupiers and manic human rights violators
  • Blaming Israel for synagogue shootings on the East coast while excusing rioters targeting Jewish shops in L.A.
  • Combating anti-Zionism in college classrooms and spreading among student councils
  • Fighting eradicate anti-Zionism from high school curricula and in government-funded textbooks
  • Exposing anti-Israel pressures in newspaper editorial offices and lobbying social media executives to cancel the posts of Holocaust deniers
  • Exposing anti-Israel Jew-hatred incitement by Black Lives Matter leaders and the pernicious darling Linda Sarsour who is the favorite progressive public speaker at P
  • Calling out the wrongfulness of celebrities like President Clinton and historic civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson collaborating at the funeral for the Queen of Soul where they comfortably shared a podium with the horrific, roistering, anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

Israel Depends on God’s People to Vote

Josh Reinstein released his new book about “The Power of Faith-Based Diplomacy” in time to persuade evangelicals and Christian Zionists to vote Trump in case they suffer Trump-fatigue. Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israel (Gefen Publishing House: 2020) reminds me of Mao’s Little Red Book that unleashed China’s Cultural Revolution three-decades ago.

Reinstein’s book is some 250 pages of tight print and 32 footnotes. Mao’s book (really the brainchild of Lin Biao) resulted in a decade of cultural chaos. America is four years in cultural chaos. But both books serve the same purpose: instilling faithful and utter dedication to the leader—one who needs your vote if, according to Reinstein, Israel, America, and Christian biblical values are to survive.

Titus, the Roman Emperor, destroyed Jerusalem and suppressed Christianity. Donald Trump “recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital” and brought “seven hundred Christian leaders” to dedicate the U.S. embassy move. Reinstein retells the history of the Promised Land and reminds the reader the old and current story is all about prophecy. That resonates with evangelicals and Christian Zionists. Moreover, “Whenever you see hate against Israel, you also see animosity for Bible-believing Christians, because it is essentially a fight against those who defend God’s covenant with Israel.”

The book is packed with facts making it a slow read and pages needed to be reviewed more than once. But it’s in Reinstein’s interpretation of history through stories and facts that pro-Israel activists have an intellectual framework for the modern political drama.

The book is a call to action, i.e., vote for Trump. Both he and King Cyrus look “at Israel from a biblical point of view. He understands how the base of his voters looks at Israel, and when Bible-believing Christians voted for him, they made it clear that they wanted him to improve relations with Israel.”

The president’s foreign policy shifts “were biblically correct…(and) if Christians continue to strongly support President Trump, he will win a second term.” I promise, writes Reinstein, “As faith-based diplomacy continues to bring positive change, Jews and Christians will then share in God’s blessings.”

But I learned from twenty years working in the administrations of four governors there are no sure things in elections and God doesn’t always come to the rescue. Let us pray. And vote.

Dr. Harold Goldmeier was a Research and Teaching fellow at Harvard and manages an investment firm. His book Healthcare Insights: Better Care, Better Business is available on Amazon.