IDF: Newly discovered terror tunnel was dug by Hamas

Defense establishment determines that tunnel which penetrated into Israeli territory near Khan Yunis was intended for use by Hamas.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Terror tunnel exposed in the south
Terror tunnel exposed in the south
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit updated on Wednesday evening that, following an investigation into the route of the terrorist tunnel that was uncovered on Tuesday, it can be determined that it was dug by the Hamas terrorist organization.

The terrorist tunnel had penetrated into the territory of the State of Israel from the southern Gaza Strip, in the Khan Yunis area. The IDF stated that the tunnel that was exposed did not cross the underground barrier and did not pose a threat to localities in the area.

IDF Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi visited Rambam Hospital in Haifa earlier on Wednesday and commented on the discovery of the tunnel.

"The tunnel that was located and exposed in the Gaza Strip shows that the threats have not disappeared. In the past 24 hours there was activity in all sectors - there are challenges other than the coronavirus, and we are determined to address both the existing and future threats."

He added, “The IDF on the one hand fights the operational threats and on the other hand fights the coronavirus. The IDF is engaged in war against both the enemies and the coronavirus - wherever we have an advantage, we are there.”