The new family in the neighborhood has a tragic secret

They were desperate to find out what was wrong.

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A heartbreaking story from a Beitar father of 6, Yaakov Feinberg:

"Hello, my name is Yaakov Feinberg. My son Moishy was always an active, regular kid. That’s why we knew something was wrong when he began to lose weight rapidly at 11, and became weak. In six months, he lost over 60 pounds. We were desperate to find out what was wrong.

Finally he was diagnosed with a very rare joint disease. He has been receiving treatments in Shaarei Tzedek every week for two years - the monthly deductible was about $1500 a month. It put a strain on us but of course we would do anything we could for our son. We moved to the neighborhood next to the hospital so we could make the commute shorter.

Now, because of the emergency response to COVID, many other services & treatments were cut from the insurance, including Moishy’s medicine. The treatments he needs to live are now over $25,000 a month. There is absolutely no way we could ever afford this. We are praying that after the pandemic is over it will return to normal but in the meantime we must keep our Moishy alive.

His bar mitzvah is next month, and we don’t have anything for him. We just can’t afford it. No suit, no hat, no tefillin. This boy has been through so much.

Our goal bez”H is to find 300 donors who can give $500 - this would keep Moishy safe for another 6 months.

If you can help us, thank you, and Hashem should bless you with healthy children, with parnassah, with bracha & hatzlacha in all you do, for saving this precious life.

Thank you.

Mishpachas Feinberg"