Program to Support Lone Soldiers, the Elderly and the Needy

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue Launches Program to Support Lone Soldiers, Olim, the Elderly and the Needy Through COVID-19

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 MK Ayelet Shaked, TLV City Councilman Chaim Goren and TAIS Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn
MK Ayelet Shaked, TLV City Councilman Chaim Goren and TAIS Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn
Yossi Souva

TAIS exemplifies the value of mutual responsibility and has been helping many in need with this amazing project - MK Ayelet Shaked

“I came to Israel alone to defend the Jewish State in the IDF and fulfill my dream of not just being a Jew but a proud Israeli,” Emily K. shares about her Aliyah. “I knew that integrating into Israeli society and adopting the way of life, language and culture would be challenging. But never did I expect this pandemic which has made this challenge almost insurmountable. It was so hard facing this alone without a family support network.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world, infecting rich and poor alike. While countless have been devastated by its effects, in Israel, the situation is even more trying. Israel is a land laden with immigrants who have come to fulfill the Jewish nation’s 2,000-year-old dream of returning to Zion. Many are young adults who have either enlisted as lone soldiers in the IDF, are new converts who have chosen to align their fate with Jewish destiny or are simply trying to build their life in the Holy Land, but feel utterly alone as they struggle mentally, emotionally and financially. TAIS has taken the lead in providing the critical physical, emotional and spiritual support for those in need.

“It was when I discovered The Tel Aviv International Synagogue that I finally felt a sense of home and belonging”, says Sarah M., who made Aliyah a year ago. “The rabbi welcomed me with a warm smile, I met new friends at their Torah classes and Kiddushes and fell in love with the singing and energy of the Kabbalat Shabbat and Holiday Services.”

Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn with Etzel Fighter and Prisoner of Zion Yehuda Bareli
צילום: Yossi Souva

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue (TAIS) was founded over a decade ago by Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn in order to bring the light and joy of our Jewish tradition to the wide spectrum of Israeli society – secular and religious, Israeli, Oleh and tourist of all ages and backgrounds. TAIS has broken the barriers that divide Jews today under the banner of unity and unconditional love in a non-judgmental environment of warmth and mutual respect.

As Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn shared, “The Tel Aviv International synagogue is a place where all are welcome. For thousands, TAIS has become a spiritual home and safe haven where, through our services, Kiddushes, meals and innovative events, olim and Israelis build friendships and become part of a community. For some, our sponsored Kiddushes and meals are their only opportunity to eat a proper hot Shabbat/Holiday meal.”

צילום: דוברות עמותת מציון

Prior to the pandemic, under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Ariel, the once nearly abandoned 90 year old historic synagogue teemed with life and filled with a young and vibrant community. Every Friday night, the synagogue filled with over 500 people, and thousands from around the world would come to experience the uplifting services as well as the social, educational and cultural events. Just a block from the sea and all major hotels, TAIS has achieved worldwide acclaim for their inspiring services led by the renowned Cantor Israel Nachman. On Yom Kippur and Purim, one can observe the magnificent crowd spilling out onto the streets.

Rabbi Ariel shared, “The pandemic has left many completely alone without physical, emotional or spiritual support. It is critical that we provide provisions, a connection and a sense of community and caring so that no one ever feels the desperation and sadness of being alone and without. TAIS has taken the lead and is working double time by delivering food and care packages for Shabbat and holidays, moving our classes from the TAIS Friedler Beit Midrash online, maintaining connection over the phone and social media and providing personal one-on-one support. These are just some of the ways that we are ensuring that no one is truly alone.”

Purim Festivities at The Tel Aviv International Synagogue
צילום: Metzion

TAIS has launched a JGive campaign to help raise the critical funds necessary to continue providing these indispensable services. Former Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked shared, “The Tel Aviv International Synagogue exemplifies the Israeli value of mutual responsibility and has taken the initiative to help the many in need with this amazing project. Please open your hearts and pockets and help to support this worthy cause.”

To learn more about the program or to make a contribution, visit the website

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