Minister Omar Yankelevich condemns Rabbi Kanievsky illustration

Diaspora Minister outraged by illustration in Haaretz against Rav Kanievsky: 'No room for hatred, portraying brothers as disease spreaders.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Omar Yankelevitch
Omar Yankelevitch

Diaspora Minister Omar Yankelevich attacked Haaretz cartoonist Amos Biderman in a tweet today following a cartoon he published.

The cartoon shows a rabbinical figure understood to be Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, and next to him a young haredi man, with the old man holding an ice cream cup with three scoops of "coronavirus" and the caption "Third time, i'll buy you an ice cream".

In response to the cartoon, the Minister tweeted, "Amos, about businesses that decided to break the law you would not have illustrated, not even about the protesters at the Prime Minister's house.

"We are all brothers, it's difficult for everyone, no one is the enemy of the people. It is permissible to criticize, but there is no room for hatred and portrayal of brothers as spreaders of disease," Yankelevich added, noting, "We haven't yet forgotten what they did to the Jews in Europe."

Haredi journalist Avi Rabina expressed support for the Minister's protest, "Congratulations Omar Yankelevitz. In the past, a similar illustration of the late Rabbi Ovadia drew angry reactions from all Shas leaders. For some reason, in United Torah Judaism - silence!"