19 years
'The murder succeeded, but the murderer's mission failed'

Ceremony held on Mt. Herzl to mark 19 years since assassination of Minister Rehavam (Gandhi) Ze'evi.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rivlin at ceremony for Minister Ze'evi
Rivlin at ceremony for Minister Ze'evi
Mark Neiman/GPO

President Reuven Rivlin spoke at the state memorial service for the late Minister Rehavam (Gandhi) Ze'evi Tuesday, on the 19th anniversary of his assassination.

The ceremony took place at Ze'evi's grave on Mount Herzl in a limited format due to coronavirus restrictions.

"19 years have passed since the day an assassin shot, murdered and harmed meat in Israel. 19 years that we remember and commemorate, even if this year the reality of our lives requires doing so from a distance," the president said in his opening remarks. "When Rehavam Ze'evi was murdered, Gandhi the father, and Gandhi the grandfather, and Gandhi the man, and Gandhi the friend were murdered, but the assassins first and foremost sought to harm Gandhi's state of Israel."

"They targeted the minister, the leader, the general, the Knesset member and Gandhi the party leader, because he was a symbol. They wanted to lower our flag, to lower our stature, to shatter our sovereignty, to sow terror here in this good land, the land that Gandhi loved so much. The assassination succeeded but the assassins' mission failed. The State of Israel is strong, its position in the region is strengthening and the country is only being further built up.

At the end of his speech, the President said: "The determination shown by Gandhi's generation in the struggle for the establishment of the state, we need that today in our struggle for life in the shadow of the coronavirus. We need this determination in the war for health and the economy, education and culture. I believe that if everyone takes care of their own mask and does not just look at the masks of others, we can defeat this virus."