Netanyahu: Follow the rules and we'll remove your towns from 'red' list

Netanyahu says lockdown "worked quickly", calls on haredi residents of 'red cities' to comply with health directives.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu tours Rambam Medical Center
Netanyahu tours Rambam Medical Center
Koby Gideon (GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured the coronavirus control center at Rambam hospital in Haifa on Monday, together with Health Ministry Director General Prof. Chezy Levy and Rambam Director Dr. Michael Halbertal.

"I have just finished a tour at Rambam hospital," said Netanyahu. "They opened an expanded and gigantic department here to deal with the coronavirus. There are developments here that are ahead of the entire world in integrated treatment by doctors and nurses, and military officers and doctors, with information systems, innovative technology, communications systems and diagnostic systems, and everything. There is a significant addition here to our ability to treat patients."

"I would like to again say a word of gratitude to the medical teams that are constantly putting themselves on the front lines. Thank you very much."

The Prime Minister touted the ongoing lockdown, which is being gradually reduced in a four-month, nine-stage exit plan.

"The achievements here are impressive. We have seen that the lockdown works quickly. We have already reached less than 1,000, with 3% infection. We used to have 8,000, with 15% infection. This is a rapid drop. Unfortunately, we see, as I predicted, that European countries are quickly passing us, almost all of them. They are passing us because they did not impose this lockdown. However, we need to maintain the achievements of the lockdown in a gradual exit and by following the directives. I expect everyone to follow the directives; everyone, without exception."

Turning to the "red cities", or communities with high infection rates, Netanyahu said that the extra restrictions which remain in place will only be reduced after residents "follow the directives", linking changes in policy to changes in public behavior.

"There are red cities that, as of now, according to last night's data, are starting to exit. If I am not mistaken, two of the five red cities, are starting to exit. However, we are still not taking them off; this depends on following the directives. I call on everyone in red cities, the haredi public – follow the directives. We will enforce but it is no less important that you enforce yourselves. If we do this, then we will exit, and we will exit the second wave, which is now powerfully hitting the entire world, in a good manner. We can exit better than the other nations of the world, as happened with the first wave, if we do this together."