Intel Division report: Clear trend toward stopping virus

"The epidemic in Israel is still widespread, but is in a clear trend toward being stopped."

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

COVID-19 test
COVID-19 test
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A report released this morning by the IDF Intelligence Division's control center noted that the relatively low number of confirmed coronavirus cases is influenced by the smaller amount of tests over the weekend.

It is also possible that the particularly low positive rate was obtained against the backdrop of a survey of kindergartens conducted last Friday, the results of which began to be analyzed in the last day.

"The epidemic in Israel is still widespread, but is in a clear trend toward being stopped," Intel Division officials said.

"The number of new confirmed cases per day and the amount of positive tests for coronavirus continues to decrease."

Even so, the authors of the report emphasized that the scope of morbidity is still very high - more than 1,500 new confirmed cases a day on a weekly average. Compared to the date of exit from the first lockdown in May, the daily number of infected people is now more than 10 times higher.