Bennett to Netanyahu: Lockdown a result of your failures

Former Defense Minister blasts prime minister for calling second lockdown a success, says lockdown could have been avoided.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Kobi Richter / TPS

Former Defense Minister and right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett responded Thursday afternoon to Prime Minister Netanyahu's remarks about the effectiveness of the lockdown in the Corona Cabinet, in which he called the lockdown a "success."

"Mr. Prime Minister, a lockdown is not a 'success'. A lockdown is a devastating blow that destroys the lives of millions of people, and the second unnecessary lockdown is the result of the terrible administrative failure of your government," Bennett argued.

He said, "The first lockdown was necessary, and was intended to buy us a respite. But your government completely wasted the May-June respite. You did nothing to promote and prevent a second lockdown. I already presented you with a plan to prevent a second lockdown in June, and you did nothing about it."

"Stop the lockdown policy. You must remove the hammer from the head of the citizens of Israel and switch to the precise and close management of tweezers," Bennett added.