German Business Club Awards 1st Langfan Award to Jurgen Harder

Nu. #A3317 Branko Lustig was 12 years old when he arrived in Auschwitz. Many of his family members perished here.

Baruch Gordon ,

William K. Langfan
William K. Langfan

The Germany-based international Israel Business Club (IBC) awarded its first annual William K. Langfan award to Mr. Jurgen Harder for his outstanding commitment to Israel and his record of promoting trilateral relations between Israel, Germany and the United States. The award ceremony took place in Berlin, Germany in the official residence of Jeremy Issacharov, the Israeli ambassador to Germany. Messrs. Mark, and William Langfan participated by Zoom. This was a very exclusive event where other guests who participated in the event included the CEOs from Damiler AG, VOLKSWAGEN, and UPS. Also, the well-known Israeli entrepreneur, and VP of the World Jewish Congress, Mr. Aaron Frenkel attended the event in Berlin.

Mr. Sinisa Toroman, the Founder and Chairman of the IBC said, “It is most fitting that we named the award after Mr. William K. Langfan who has exemplified our core ideals of forging strong bonds between Israel, Germany, and the US.” Mr. Toroman and Mr. Langfan first met at Auschwitz where Mr. Langfan was to light one of the six flames for the Holocaust, and Mr. Toroman had funded the Bar Mitsvah of the world famous director Branko Lustig held in front of the concentration camp barracks Lustig had survived.

As for awarding the 1st annual WK Langfan Award to Mr. Harder, Mr Sinisa emphasized, that “Mr. Harder was our perfect choice. He is a self-made billionaire who has dedicated himself to strengthening the State of Israel with his philanthropic invests in Israel. Jurgen has shown the way for Germans to embrace Israel and Israelis with love.”

The Israel Business Club sees itself as a proactive bridge of understanding between these Israel, Germany, and the US. Mr. Sinisa remarked, “The synergies that can be achieved between high-level business contacts between Germany, Israel and the Unites States are infinite. And, we are making those vital connections happen.”

Board members of the IBC include some of the largest companies, businessmen, and politicians in Germany, Israel and the USA. Some of the Board members of the IBC include the CEOs of Black Group (LIDL), DAMLER, Volkswagen, UPS. International entrepreneurs such as Aaron Frenkel is a member of the advisory board of the IBC, as the Israeli ambassador to Germany, Amb. Issacharov.