Bennett expected to be released from hospital tomorrow

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett, hospitalized at Sheba Hospital following neck pain: 'It went well. I'll be released tomorrow please G-d.'.

Yedidya ben Ohr ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett

Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett, who was hospitalized at Sheba Hospital due to neck pain, recently posted a tweet in which he clarified that his condition is good and he is expected to be released tomorrow.

"So here at Sheba Hospital, charming youth movement members from Shevet Re'im Ramat Gan encourage the public to wear masks and warm the heart," he tweeted.

"Our people have enormous force. In the youth movements, in high-tech, in the IDF, in organizations — together, with good leadership, we're defeating the plague," Bennett added.

At the end of the tweet, Bennett added an update on his condition and wrote, "PS - it went well. I'll be released tomorrow please G-d."

Yesterday, the Yamina Chairman addressed the Knesset plenum and sharply attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against the background of the fight against coronavirus.

"Mr. Prime Minister, do you know why there is such a loss of confidence? Because you are not telling the truth. Closure is not a picture of victory, closure is the result of failure," Bennett said.

He accused the prime minister of not trusting the citizens. "A closure is a necessary action when you fail to provide good care. Countries that have performed well, such as Cyprus, Latvia, Taiwan, and Estonia, have not reached another general closure. A closure is a hammer on Israeli citizens instead of tweezers on Israeli patients.

"Closure means to be proud that you put all the citizens in jail because you failed to take control of crime. The closure is destroying a generation of entrepreneurs and business owners here. The closure shatters the souls of our children. The closure is the antithesis of the Israeli spirit."